Magnetic filter

Magnetic filter plugs MFK 200-500

Magnetic filter plugs are used to remove ferritic particles from cooling lubricants.

The arrangement of the magnetic filter plugs in the main flow of contaminated cooling lubricant subjects the suspended ferritic particles to the greatest possible attraction force through the magnetic filter plugs and are effectively separated and discharged from the liquid.

The magnetic filter plugs are available in the following two different basic types.

The magnetic filter plugs are arranged in a circle.

The magnetic filter plugs are arranged side by side.

The magnetic filter plugs are arranged side by side. The plugs are available in seven different lengths. The structure consists of a bottom and top part. The bottom part consists of a stainless steel flange plate with brass protective tubes. The top part consists of the magnet system attached to an aluminium carrier plate. In type MFK, the bottom part also has three guide rails outside the contamination zone which prevent dirt from being scraped off on the container opening during cleaning. This, in addition, facilitates centric insertion.

Low operating costs
Easy to use

Magnetic filtering cylinders MFW 40-520

Magnetic filter rollers are designed for the automatic cleaning of cooling lubricants. They are used in honing, grinding, deep-drilling machines and lathes as well as in hardening and cleaning plants where suspended ferritic materials must be filtered out from the coolant.

The contaminated cooling lubricant is introduced via one or several inlet connections into the pre-flooding chamber, where it is distributed over the entire cylinder width. After exiting from the pre-flooding chamber, the contaminated medium flows into an annular chamber segment around the magnetised pole plates of the filtering cylinder. In the process, the suspended ferritic particles are separated from the medium. The cleaned medium exits at the bottom of the housing and flows into a clean container below. The dirt particles adhering to the magnetic cylinder are removed from the medium by continuous rotation of the cylinder, scraped off with a scraper and, through the continuous accumulation of dirt, pushed towards the draining edge, from where they fall into a sludge box below.

  • Sturdy, wear-resistant steel plate housing

  • Large capacity pre-flooding chamber

  • Optimised magnet system

  • High-quality permanent magnets

  • Stainless steel scraper

  • Driven by worm-gear motor

Very low operating costs
Continuous operation
Easy installation
Low maintenance
Compact design

High filter efficiency

Separation of non-magnetic particles through brush formation on the projecting pole plates